Fields - Page 5 - Documents

We automatically add the following documents without you needing to do anything:

  • Tenancy deposit prescribed information.
  • How to rent guide (England) or tenant's guide (Wales)
  • Legionella Information for the tenant.

To show that the tenant received the energy performance certificate, gas safety record and electrical inspection report before the occupation, you can add those documents on this page.

Dropdown fields are displayed, asking if each document is required. If you leave as default" yes" but don't attach a file, the agreement and signature page will list the document as being attached. In that case, you should manually attach the document, so the list of documents is accurate. If you select" no" to any, that item will not be displayed on the agreement or signature page list of documents.

All documents uploaded must be in PDF format.

You can remove a document when editing an agreement.

Documents shouldn't be too large (no more than 5 MB would be ideal. If it's larger, try reducing the file size).

Documents will work best if they are A4 portrait size.

After successful upload, a preview of the PDF will be displayed.


The energy performance certificate has two options for adding.


You can upload it as a PDF if you already have a copy. Drag the PDF to the upload box, and it will be added. Alternatively, click on the upload box to select from your device's files finder.

Certificate Number

Since the government introduced a new EPC portal on their website, getting an EPC in PDF format has become tricky.

By entering the certificate number in the box after choosing this option, the system will automatically get the EPC from the portal, convert it to PDF and insert it into the agreement.

The certificate number must be in the same format as on the certificate, including "-" dashes, e.g. 0630-2891-7017-9425-5543

To use the certificate number for your EPC, follow the steps below:

  1. go to the EPC portal
  2. click start now and follow the quick and simple instructions. Enter the tenancy postcode when asked
  3. copy the exact certificate number from the blue box (you can select the whole number and press CTRL+C Windows or CMD+C Mac)
  4. paste the number (including "-" dashes) into the certificate number box on Tenancy Builder (use CTRL+v Windows or CMD+v Mac to paste) and click "check exists."
  5. assuming the number was correct, an "EPC attached" indicator will be displayed. Otherwise, the Builder will show an error.

Gas Safety

Drag the PDF gas safety to the upload box, which will be added. Alternatively, click on the upload box to select from your device's files finder.

Ordinarily, gas safety will be one page, but it can be more.

Electrical Safety

Drag the PDF electrical safety to the upload box, which will be added. Alternatively, click on the upload box to select from your device's files finder.

Ordinarily, an electrical safety report is 4 to 5 pages long, but it might be more (rarely less).

Fire safety instructions

In England, where a dwelling is part of a building containing two or more dwellings and a communal hallway for escape from fire, it's a legal requirement to provide fire escape and fire door instructions to tenants. This must be done at the beginning of the tenancy and every year.

If fire instructions are required, select from the dropdown to attach the Guild default fire instructions or upload your own.

The option is also available for Wales contracts.

Permission to speak with Housing Benefit/Universal Credit

Below electrical, there is an option to add a further page: the tenant giving consent to talk to Universal Credit or housing benefit about a claim that may be made.

We don't attach this page by default but select "Yes" from the dropdown if you want it added.

Where "Yes" is selected, an additional page is added just before the signature page at the back, which the tenant (s) will need to sign in addition to the main signature page.

This consent page is fully compatible with the integrated digital signing; if included, the tenant (s) will be required to sign simultaneously.

The default settings for this field can be set in profiles.

Although this document gives "consent" to speak with Universal Credit or Housing Benefit, the document does not (and can not) compel the services to discuss a claim with you as landlord or agent. In reality, UC or HB will not speak to a landlord or agent, even with consent obtained from the tenant.

Other Documents

In addition to the documents provided by law, you can add your documents to the agreement.

You can add three PDF documents, and each file must be a maximum of 5MB.

Documents that might be added include:

  • inventory
  • welcome information

Click the "add more" button, enter a title, and upload the file using the choose file button to add a PDF document.

To add another document, click the add more button again.

You must complete the title and file when clicking the add more button. Otherwise, click remove to remove the entry.

The documents will be added at the back of the agreement before the final signature page.

The title entered will be displayed on the front page of the agreement and in the confirmation of documents list on the signature page.

When the tenant signs, they will sign and acknowledge receipt of the listed documents.


If an agreement fails during the building process, it's often due to uploading one or more of these documents. Perhaps the file is corrupt, locked (e.g. password-protected) or simply too large for the conversion to work correctly.

If an agreement fails, try removing these documents and sending them again.

It's a legal requirement that the EPC, gas safety and electrical inspection report be given to the tenant" before occupation".