Get Fast Landlord Support - Submit a Ticket

This page explains the best way to ask questions at the Guild of Residential Landlords.

LandlordAId chatbot

It's always worth trying LandlordAId in the first instance. Our specialised AI chatbot can be accessed by clicking the chat bubble at the bottom right of every page.

It's remarkably good at answering most daily queries. It uses the latest available LLM of OpenAI's ChatGPT.

We constantly monitor the interactions and train the AI to improve next time. If you have tried it in the past but have yet to get the result expected, please try again, as it's more capable than ever. That said, ChatGPT can make mistakes, so always check important information.

If LandlordAId cannot assist, it will suggest creating a support ticket ...

Submit support ticket

Submitting a support ticket is better than emailing us. Using the online form is quicker for us to help because (a) it directly sends the message to our internal ticket system, avoiding potential spam filtering, (b) it automatically checks your subscription, allowing us faster replies and help if the query relates to your account and (c) the country can be selected so we know whether the query relates to England or Wales which is very important for our answer.

Sending us an ordinary email is slower because it might get accidentally caught in spam, and we have to check the account for an active subscription manually. Furthermore, we sometimes need to determine the country the query relates to.

We aim to reply to a query within four working hours, although more complex queries might take longer.

Accessing the support ticket

Accessing the ticket system is easy. It's available by clicking "contact" on the menu at the top of every page. It's also located at the top of the AI chatbot box. In the Tenancy Builder, it can be accessed from the sidebar, and finally, we have numerous direct links scattered around where a contact link might be helpful.

Accessing previous tickets

Another advantage of using the ticket system is that you can access previous inquiries easily.

To access previous tickets, from the submit a ticket page, click on "My Tickets" and enter your registered email. A secure link will be emailed to you, and after clicking, you can access all previous tickets.