Guide to Send Expired Inventory for Digital Signing Again

It's crucial to note that an inventory sent for digital signing is set to automatically expire after seven days. This feature is designed to prompt action and ensure that the tenant is informed that the inventory is considered accepted if not signed within this timeframe.

However, there may be occasions when you want to send the inventory for digital signing again after it has expired. To do that, you will need to generate a new inventory PDF by following these steps:

  1. Go to the Templates list
  2. Click the small triangle on the left of the template you want to generate a PDF for to expand the record
  3. Click Add Inventory on the right
  4. Select a tenancy from the Builder or click custom
  5. If custom was selected, enter the start date, tenant name and email and choose whether the inventory is check-in, interim or check-out
  6. To add more tenant names, click Add Tenant
  7. Optionally enter meter readings
  8. Optionally add user notes. These notes will not be displayed on the inventory PDF
  9. Optionally add inventory notes. These will be displayed at the bottom of the inventory PDF
  10. Click Save and wait for the inventory to be completed. Try refreshing the browser if it continues to show in progress after several seconds
  11. Click download from the actions button to download the inventory PDF
  12. Select digital signing from the actions button beside the produced inventory and follow the instructions.