Handling Statement Runs: Tips & Tricks

Statement runs are used by agents or landlords who look after other properties for family members.

When a PDF statement is produced showing rents received, less commission and other deductions, 300 credits are used for each statement run.

Current statement run

The current statement run shows rents that have yet to be transferred to the landlord.

A landlord can be toggled from being visible or not on this page by going to All data, editing the landlord and selecting the dropdown for if the landlord is in statement run.

Mark each rental to be paid using the actions button on the left or checkboxes to select multiple records.

Do the same for deductions (landlord invoices).

At the bottom, there will be a total. Select "Mark complete" from the action button to run the statement and produce a PDF. You must manually pay the landlord the balance due on each run and email the PDF statement. We plan to add system emailing of the PDF in the future.

Every time the mark complete is selected, 300 credits are used.

Previous statement runs

Previous statement runs show a list of all statement runs that have been completed.

Landlord deductions

This view shows all landlord deductions for the statement run, and new deductions can be created by selecting add on the right.

When adding/editing, select the landlord and letting unit, enter a description and amount, and complete all other fields.

If the invoice represents a payment you've made for some service, you can attach that invoice, which in turn can be attached to the statement run.

In the statement run, landlord deductions are shown as a list of deductions, not as separate PDFs for every invoice. Coming soon, if the attachment has been selected to be included, that attachment will be included in the statement run email.