How to Download, sign and Print Forms from Our Website

This guide will help you to download, digitally sign and print forms from our website.

Download and print a form.

To download and print a form, follow the steps below depending on whether you are printing from the other forms part of Tenancy Builder or want to download a form from the main website.

Other forms (Tenancy Builder)

Within Tenancy Builder, there is a section for creating other forms that are not tenancies in the sidebar. Commonly used forms are put here, allowing you to insert details on the screen to populate the details into the form.

The forms available include:


  • Section 8 notice
  • Section 21 notice
  • Section 13 rent increase notice


  • RHW3 - new landlord details
  • RHW4 - change of landlord address
  • RHW12 - rent increase
  • RHW16 - section 173 six months' notice
  • RHW19 - withdraw section 173 notice
  • RHW20 - serious rent arrears
  • RHW23 - breach of contract
  • RHW27 - intention to end abandoned contract
  • RHW28 - end abandoned contract
  • Warning notice of withdrawal
  • Holding deposit information 

To print a form from the other forms part of the website:

  1. First, create the form by clicking other forms in the sidebar of Tenancy Builder and then add a new one from the right.
  2. Follow the instructions (for example, a possession notice will require you to go through a wizard first)
  3. Fill in all details necessary on the screen.
  4. After saving, you'll be returned to the list of forms, and the status will show in progress (like Tenancy Builder shows) and turn green Success when completed.
  5. To print the form, click the green success status or from the actions button, click download file.
  6. The file will usually be in PDF format and either downloaded to your computer or opened in your browser, depending on your settings.
  7. Save the file or print as you usually print PDFs on your device.

Printing a tenancy agreement from Tenancy Builder is the same as described above.

Main website forms

The main website (England or Wales) has a forms section with over 100 forms to download. To print a document from the main website, follow these steps:

  1. On the form page, click Download at the bottom.
  2. You may need to log in again.
  3. The file will be downloaded to your computer or opened depending on your browser's settings.
  4. Most forms are in PDF format, but some are in Word so that you can edit the contents.
  5. Open or print the file like you usually print PDFs or Word documents on your device.

Sign a form

Digital signatures are widely acceptable, and your notice can be signed this way. Many PDF viewers available on desktops or mobile devices provide the feature to append your signature to the PDF. It's worth noting that the signature need not be a traditional "wet signature" inked by hand.

Upon signing the notice digitally, printing and mailing it is recommended, ensuring you acquire a no-cost proof of postage from your local post office. If the tenancy agreement supports electronic service of notices, you could consider sending an additional copy through email alongside the posted version. However, remember that this should complement the mailed notice, not substitute it.

While it might seem convenient to use digital signature services such as Signable or DocuSign, it isn't advisable for notices. This is because these services are tailored more towards establishing a mutual "agreement" between multiple parties rather than affirming the delivery of a standalone document like a possession notice. For a possession or rent increase notice, you don't need the recipient's agreement - what's crucial is proof of delivery. Should the tenant open the document without signing it, it could be misinterpreted as disagreement or non-receipt.

To obtain proof of delivery electronically, you could use a file-sharing service. Various services, such as Docsend by Dropbox, offer this facility. By sharing the file with a unique link, and when it is downloaded, you can receive an email confirmation, which acts as proof of delivery.

Tenancy Builder has integrated digital signing for tenancy agreements. Please see the digital signing help page for more details.