Installing the Legionella Template

To install the template on your device, follow these instructions.

The template must be installed on a mobile device but once installed, the sync service used by the iAuditor app will synchronise the template across all your devices, including the web desktop version of iAuditor.

Step 1 – download the free iAuditor app onto your device

Step 2 – Only once step 1 has been done (otherwise, the template won’t be recognised) download our template using the device you have installed the app on and using the default browser (e.g. Safari on iOS).

When prompted, select “open in iAuditor”. Alternatively, you could download it to a desktop, email it to the device iAuditor is installed on, and open it in the default email client (e.g. Mail in iOS). Install on up to 10 devices owned by you or your company.

Important: the free iAuditor app has a public directory of templates, and you agree NOT to put our template on the public directory by downloading ours.