New Report

To create a new report, click on "referencing" in the sidebar.


Each report costs 900 credits.

If you don't have enough credits, a message will be displayed asking you to purchase more, and the new report button will not be available.

Add New

You can click the "new report" button on the top right with sufficient credits.

Your Details

Your first name, last name and email will be auto-filled, but you can change these if you wish.

The email entered is where the notification that the report is ready to download or if there are issues will be sent. This should be your email and check spam/junk folders.

Use Applicant

If you have an applicant who submitted an online application, click on the add from applicants dropdown and search/select the applicant to enter. Guarantors for applicants can also be seen where applicable.

All the details listed below (tenancy details, names, addresses etc.) will be auto-filled.

If you don't see the applicant, they probably haven't submitted the form yet. Please view the applicant, which will show if they have or not. Furthermore, suppose the applicant has selected and entered an overseas (non-UK) address. In that case, they will not be displayed in the dropdown because our referencing (and most referencing services) cannot accept overseas addresses for checking prospective tenants.

Please check the details which have been auto-filled carefully as the system can make mistakes. Please report any issues.

Proposed Tenancy Details

Start typing the proposed tenancy address in the box provided or enter a postcode. As you type, you can choose from the list the full address.

If the property is a flat, but the flat doesn't show up in the address list, you can manually add a flat number in the "flat" field.

This address is the proposed tenancy address and NOT the applicant's address.

Proposed Rent (PCM)

Enter the proposed rental amount calendar monthly (so if the rent is weekly, it will need to be converted to calendar monthly).

Enter numbers only.

Applicant Details - Name

Enter the full name of the proposed tenant.

Date of Birth

Using the selection boxes, enter the proposed tenant's date of birth.

Adverse Records

Has the applicant informed you of any adverse records (e.g. county court judgments or bankruptcy)?

This question should have been asked of the applicant via a suitable application form.

Select yes or no (default is no).

Applicant's Current Address

Start typing the address or postcode and choose the applicant's current address from the list.

The system will only work and be able to locate an applicant if the address is on the list of Royal Mail addresses for the UK.

Overseas addresses won't work. If someone has been overseas for a period, you may need to extend the months and years of a UK address to "fool the system" in the proceeding, but such an action may result in the reference not being found.

How long at current address?

Using the dropdown, select years and months at the current address.

Previous Address 1

Where the applicant has been living at their current address for less than three years, repeat as above but for their previous address.

Previous Address 2

Where the total years of current address plus previous address 1 are less than three years, last address two will appear. Enter details by repeating the above.

This is the last address needed even if the total of all years remains at less than three years.


Confirm the statement by checking the box and clicking submit.

The data will be sent to the credit bureau, where a report will be produced.

After Submitting

Orange, whilst being prepared

The report should take a few seconds to be ready in most cases. After which, the progress indicator will show green "completed". The report can be downloaded by clicking the green completed notification or the actions button in the referencing list.

Sometimes, the report is delayed because it must go to the bureau for human intervention. It's unclear why and when this happens, but it is relatively rare.

If this happens, you will get an email.

We will chase the report with the bureau, but it can take up to 1 full working day before returning when this happens.

The report will be sent as soon as it's ready.