Other Forms - Section 13 Rent Increase

To create a section 13 notice, first click on "Other Forms" in the sidebar, then add new, select "Section 13 notice (rent increase)" from the dropdown and continue.

Next, answer the questions at the top, which will help determine if you can serve a section 13 notice at this time.

Complete all remaining fields, including:

  • date notice being served
  • date new rent is to start (must be at least a month plus four days and begin on a rent day)
  • current rent (before the increase)
  • new proposed rent
  • rental periods
  • any charges separate to the rent
  • tenant names
  • tenancy address
  • landlord details

Once completed, click submit.

Once the form is created, you will be returned to the form list and click on the green success button or the actions button to download the completed form.

You will download the form to your device, where it can be printed, signed and sent to the tenants.