The Meaning and Implications of a Zero Report

When using the tenancy assessment service, the report may be returned infrequently with a score of 0. We call this a zero report. If this happens, you will not be charged, and the credits used will be refunded.

If a report is returned with a zero score, under the progress status of a reference displayed on the right of the list, the status might display “zero report”.

A PDF report is provided, and you can click the zero report status to download it or click the download report from the actions button.

Here are some frequently asked questions about a zero report.

What does zero report mean?

No information was found when searching for the applicant at the addresses provided. This could be for several reasons:

  • The applicant could have provided false address information to hide adverse credit at their actual address.
  • They may not have been living at the property long.
  • They may be new to the country and not have a credit file built up.
  • They may not be registered on the electoral roll (or asked for the entry not to be public).

What should I do if I receive a zero report?

First, you should contact the applicant and check if the address provided is correct or if they have other addresses you could try. You can submit a new request with the updated addresses.

You should also check if the name is spelt correctly or if they are using a different name (alias).

If you wish to proceed with the applicant, you must obtain proof of residency, such as a recent utility or council tax bill. You should also get a photo ID. A driving licence includes their home address. In all cases, we recommend a guarantor, particularly after a zero score report.

Have I been charged for the report?

No. We have automatically refunded the credits for this report, and you haven’t been charged. If there’s been an error with our system that failed the credits return, please contact us - we’re happy to help.