Track Inspections with Tenancy Manager

The Tenancy Manager can track inspections of any type, such as gas safety records, electrical safety, EPCs, fire alarm testing, routine inspections, or any other type.

Add a new inspection

To add a new inspection, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Tenancy Builder (
  2. Navigate to Tenancy Manager -> Inspections in the sidebar
  3. Select Add New from the right

Completed or New Schedule

Two types of inspection can be added: completed or new schedule. Adding a completed inspection logs a new record of a previous inspection and automatically adds a new scheduled inspection for the next one. Adding a new schedule adds a schedule that will be due in the future.

Letting Unit

Select a letting unit from the dropdown. If it doesn't exist, you must first add one by going to Letting Units in the sidebar and add from there.

Inspection Type

Select the inspection type from the dropdown. New types can be added from the inspections list (see later).

Completed date

If completed has been selected, enter the date the inspection was completed in the past.

Next Date

Enter the date when the inspection is next due.


If completed was selected, optionally upload a PDF of the completed report.


Optionally add any notes.

Filtering the list

The records can be filtered from the inspection list using the dropdown. Current are upcoming inspections (or overdue), and completed are previously completed inspections. You can also search for particular inspections. The inspection type can be filtered.

Export List

The list, as shown in the current view after filtering or searching, can be exported to PDF by clicking the PDF button.

Inspection Types

New inspection types can be added by clicking the button on the top to display inspection types and then add new to create one. Previously created inspection types can be deleted, but be warned any attached records will also be deleted/

Mark an inspection completed

For a current inspection, use the action button next to the record to complete an inspection.

Enter the completed date and optionally upload a PDF of the report and any notes.

A new record will be created for when the next inspection for that property and type is due. For example, suppose a gas safety record is completed. In that case, a new inspection will be added for the following year (considering the two months when a gas safety can be completed early).

Multi-select action

Tick the box to the left of any record(s) to select multiple records. Click the action button at the top to email the current tenants of those letting units.

This is useful to email multiple tenants in one go with planned inspections in a block of flats or that are due together at similar times.

When communicating this way, the same email is sent to each tenant, so specific instructions for individual tenants should not be included.