Track Sub-Meter Readings and Invoice Easily

With the user-friendly Tenancy Manager, you can effortlessly track sub-meter readings to invoice tenants based on utility usage. Although primarily designed for electricity, it is adaptable to any sub-meter for any utility.

Managing sub-meter readings is a breeze with the Tenancy Manager. Follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to a tenancy: You can find a tenancy from any of the tables, but the quickest is usually the rents table by clicking Tenancy Manager → Rents in the sidebar.
  2. Add new record: Expand the tenancy to show the rent schedule and select the sub-meter reading tab from the top.
  3. Add necessary information: If this is the first record, you'll need to enter the last reading date and the units. Enter the current reading date and the reading. You must enter the unit and standing charge rates for the first record. These rates can be adjusted when you create a new sub-meter reading record. Optionally, you can add a photograph of the meter.
  4. Save and generate invoice: Click save when complete, and an invoice will be automatically generated.
  5. Navigate to the invoices tab: Click on the invoices tab to view, download or email the invoice to the tenant. Ensure you have completed the settings page with details like bank information to add to the invoice. Settings can be found underneath Tenancy Manager in the sidebar.