Troubleshooting Application Form Errors: A Guide

We apologise if any applicants experience any difficulties when accessing the application form. This support article covers errors that may be reported.

Error Message 419 Page Expired

The 419 error typically means the applicant was in the form, left the window open, and returned sometime later, but it hasn't recognised it as a new visit.

Firstly, please check using the URL (click to edit and save to show the URL), enter the code and if you can access we know it's working.

If it fails, it might be worth creating a new one and sending it to them.

If it worked, please have your applicant try the following steps:

1. Clear their browser's cache and cookies.
2. Restart their browser.
3. Use a different browser or device, if possible.
4. Ensure they submit the application form without long delays between actions.