Update Landlord Details in Tenancy Builder

Since changes were made in Tenancy Builder in February 2024, you must now choose a landlord from a dropdown menu when creating or editing a tenancy.

If you find the landlord's details are incorrect or need to change some details, here are the instructions and steps to follow:

1. Go to Tenancy Builder, and from the sidebar, select Tenancy Manager -> All data. 
2. At the top of All data, you'll see the landlord and click edit on the right. If no landlord is shown, click Add New. 
3. Make the changes and save.

When you add or edit a tenancy, you can select the landlord from the drop-down, and all the information will be auto-filled.

If you have multiple landlords (for example, you're an agent or you have different landlord companies), you can add them following the same instructions above.