Viewing and Using Applicant Data

Once an applicant has completed the form, you will receive an email confirming.

Viewing the Data

To view the data, go to the applicant tab and select "view" from the actions button.

All data can be viewed, and the headings can be clicked to reveal more (e.g. address history).

Application Progress

At the top, you can see "application progress".

This allows you to track your current stage of referencing (if you're anything like me, I always forget where I am in the process).

Each option can be altered by using the dropdown and clicking the tick button to save.

None of the options is automated at this stage, and you must keep them up to date manually.

You can also tick the boxes if a holding deposit has been paid and the application success/failure notifications have been sent (we don't provide those; it's just for you to track).

When the applicant completes the online application form, they accept a GDPR privacy policy allowing the landlord or agent to pass details for conducting references and creating the tenancy agreement. Our tenancy agreements made by Tenancy Builder include a further privacy policy allowing the use of data to manage the tenancy or after the tenancy has ended.

Generate a PDF

Using the button at the bottom of the view, you can generate a PDF of the data and download it to your computer for safe storage.

The PDF looks a little rudimentary at the moment! We are focusing on ensuring it's stable and working now and will look to make it prettier in the future.

Create a Tenancy Assessment Report (Credit Check)

You can very quickly create a new reference for the applicant by adding the applicant's details while making a reference. Upon selection, all data will be populated into the fields.

Please check that the data has been populated correctly before submitting it for reference!

Insert Into Tenancy Builder

You can quickly add the applicant details into a tenancy agreement being built with the Builder by following these steps:

  1. ​Add a new or edit a tenancy, and next to tenant details, select the record from the "add from applicants" dropdown. You can also search.
  2. Once selected, all data will be added to the tenant fields.
  3. The same happens on the guarantor page (if one).

Home Office Share Code

The applicant can provide a Home Office Share Code in the uploads section of the application form. This code can be seen under the uploads/right to rent section when viewing an applicant. Please see here for more information about using the code.​