What's New at the Guild of Residential Landlords?

At the Guild of Residential Landlords, we're committed to providing you with the best possible services and website functionality to support your operations. Here, we're excited to share some recent enhancements we've implemented to improve your user experience further.

Improved LandlordAId Chatbot

Our LandlordAId chatbot grows more knowledgeable by the day as we continually enhance its content and instructions for consistently superior results.

We have noticed that many users have found the chatbot particularly useful in resolving technical support queries. However, we identified a gap in the service where the chatbot needed help to answer questions related to temporary or unknown problems on the website instead of directing users to submit a support ticket.

To address this shortcoming, we've made a significant improvement to LandlordAId. It now has access to our status page, allowing it to provide real-time updates on any ongoing website issues.

This means that if we're aware of an issue and have updated our status page, our LandlordAId chatbot can now inform you about it, provide a potential workaround, or at least reassure you that we're aware and working on a fix.

Remember, if you encounter any issues, please always check with LandlordAId first or directly check our status page. If nothing is found, please submit a support ticket.

Switched to a New Referencing Provider

As highlighted in our weekly newsletter, we have switched to a new referencing provider, which has proven reliable and stable. The new service offers a few notable changes from our previous provider.

Prominently, you should now receive a report within seconds of your request. In some rare cases, if no data has been found for the person from the addresses provided, the report might be known as a 'zero report'. The good news is that we don't charge you for a zero report – your credits are refunded immediately, allowing you to verify the details with the applicant before resubmitting.

A minor but significant change with our new provider is that we now require only two addresses instead of three. Also, we've introduced a new AI summary at the start of the report to provide a quick overview of the findings.

For more details about our referencing service, please visit our Tenant Assessment Service page.

Accreditation (England only)

Our PRS Accreditation scheme has been receiving a positive response. We have adjusted the pricing structure with a 50% discount for Guild subscribers. Our accreditation page details the new pricing structure and the accreditation process.

We've also made an essential change to the accreditation renewal process. The renewal process must be completed within six months of the expiry of your current accreditation through a simple continuous professional development (CPD) quiz. Please renew within this timeframe to avoid a full re-accreditation.

Wrapping Up

At the Guild of Residential Landlords, we're driven by our commitment to continually improve and provide you with the best solutions for your everyday needs. We hope you find these updates helpful in managing your properties more efficiently.