Rent Schedule Sheet (Rent Card)

This document is a Microsoft Excel file containing a printable rent statement for tenants to keep and for landlords to sign upon receiving rent. In addition, a second sheet in the same file is useful for tracking rents within Excel itself. (The second sheet is only really useful if tracking no more than one or two properties.)

Note: The Guild offers Tenancy Manager, available in the Tenancy Builder part of the website. It provides rent tracking with a rent statement where amounts due are automatically added, and you can enter payments. Tenancy Manager can also track inspections like gas safety and electrical plus tenant invoices. For more details, please see the Tenancy Manager overview page (England, here for Wales).

Where the rent is payable weekly, the tenant must have a prescribed rent book (not supplied by the Guild). Where the rent is payable in any other period, there is no requirement to provide a rent sheet for the tenant. Nowadays, rents are typically paid by direct debit or standing order, so the tenant will have a record of the payments.

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