How to Make and Print an Inventory Template

To make a PDF of an inventory template within the Tenancy Builder part of the website for printing or sending for digital signing, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Tenancy Builder part of the website ( and click inventory in the sidebar.
  • Click Add New (top right)
  • Insert tenancy address, name of preparer and add rooms.
  • Add items (structure, furnishings and appliances) and photos under each room as desired.
  • Close the template
  • Add a tenancy (from the actions button, click "add/view tenancy")
  • Add an activity to the tenancy (from the actions button). Activity can be check-in, interim or check-out. An activity will generate a PDF of the template in its current state (a snapshot of the template then).
  • Optionally, send the PDF for digital signing.


Adding a tenancy isn't connected to tenancies within the Builder. Think of a tenancy as a folder to store the inventory activity for a particular tenancy.

An activity can be a check-in, interim or check-out inventory. There is no limit to the number of activities created, and each time the template is updated, creating an activity is a PDF snapshot inventory of the template at that time.