How to Make and Print an Inventory Template

To make a PDF of an inventory template within the Tenancy Builder part of the website for printing or sending for digital signing, follow these steps:

Part 1 - Create a template

  • Go to the Tenancy Builder part of the website and click Inventory AI in the sidebar.
  • Click Add New (top right)
  • Select a letting unit or add a new one. Enter the preparer's name and optionally add a photo of the main house. Click next
  • Add rooms in the order in which you want them to be shown.
  • Under each room, add photos as wanted. Each image to be analysed requires 20 credits. Click on the dashboard (from the sidebar) to see your credit balance.
  • Click the analyse room button and wait for the result. Don't analyse another room until it has finished; leave the browser tab open.
  • Save the template

Part 2 - Generate inventory from the template

  • From the templates list, click the small triangle to expand the record
  • Click Add Inventory on the right
  • Select a tenancy or click custom, enter the information and save.
  • When completed, click download from the actions button for the completed PDF
  • Optionally send the PDF for digital signing by clicking digital signing from the actions button.